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Enhancing Authentic Interpersonal and Self-Reflection Skills
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Enabling and Inspiring Personal and Professional Growth
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"We are called to the place where our deep joy meets the world's deep hunger."
Frederick Buechner
Kim Langley
Kim's Personal Mission Statement: To be of service to the world, delivering exceptional workshops that enable personal and professional growth, enhance authentic interpersonal and self-reflection skills, and make people want to live life to the fullest!
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Margaret Vogel
Margaret’s Personal Mission Statement: To be an encourager of growth and joy who guides individuals, communities and organizations to discover their strengths so they can address the challenges of the present, discover new solutions for tomorrow, and generate positive change.
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Bill Miller
Bill’s Personal Mission Statement: To assist spiritual seekers and those desiring to take a deeper dive into their relationship with God. Bill is passionate about adult faith formation, incorporating a compelling mixture of methods (literature, poetry and music) in a reflective setting tailored to church groups, religion teachers and professional staffs
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